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A brief History

July 29, 2012

4 years ago during the 2008 summer olympics in Beijing we traveled by train to Tibet. I have been a good hiker and backpacker in the past and was aware that there would be altitude adjustment but strangely I never managed to get over the altitude sickness during our stay. I was short of breath the entire time.  This shop at 5000 meters sold OXYGEN, film and batteries.  Ironic.

I don’t know if the supplemental oxygen would have helped me move more freely and not have the pounding headache.  Is this what hikers experience when they try to climb Mt. Everest?  Here we were at an altitude that was equivalent to Everest base camp and it was daunting.

In the late fall of 2008 I was having difficulty moving around with heavy coats and boots.  Dressing to take the dogs out I had shortness of breath.  Every day when I went to work I had to climb a spiral staircase, every morning I was at my desk catching my breath.  What I kept thinking… ” I am so out of shape!”Image


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  1. Mary Beth Yarrow permalink

    Love the site. Christopher celebrates his 40th b’day Sept 12th. Sept 22th, B&I are sppoonsoriNg a NAC (Native American Church) meetig for hm in graItitiude for his life. We will bring your intentions and name into the prayer with us. We love you so very much! Ox Mary Beth

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