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Summer of 2012

September 8, 2012

My summer started at the lake in Minnesota, sitting on the porch looking at the lovely Black Eyed Susans that had bloomed all over the yard.  I enjoyed reading and watching family and friends use our place for recreation and relaxation.  I have this wonderful place to look forward to when I can breathe again and enjoy all the riches.



I returned to Toronto twice to complete tests that were needed in order to be officially on the Transplant List.

I was slowly starting to lose steam over the summer and by mid August my family showed concerned that I was having a much more difficult time doing the simpler things like standing, cooking, walking from room to room even brushing my teeth not to mention the task of bathing.  There are many periods of ‘recovery’ when I get short of breath so I stop.. slow down my breathing… and give everyone the thumbs up when they ask me if I am OK?

I’m going to boast in more detail about how truly wonderful my family and friends are in a later blog.  They have gotten me this far and I know they’ll stick with me through this thing. Scott says,” You have a very demanding disease”  but then he puts on his super hero cape and soldiers through.  I am not use to having people do things for me.

I got my date to sign the consent forms at which time I would officially be on the list for an organ donation.  It was

originally set for September 24th.  I called my doctor this past Tuesday to say I couldn’t walk 10 feet without being short of breath and could we move it up.

They swung into action, had me go in for tests, agreed that the disease had further advanced from July and we completed the forms and as of Friday September 7th 2012, I am Listed for a lung transplant.

And so the journey continues as we begin Fall of 2012….


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  1. Derek Reeves permalink

    Love Scott’s description, very Scott – but all power to both of you for facing all the challenges so strongly

  2. Michael, Sina, & Alycia permalink

    Pam, We have you in our thoughts and prayers. Each day we hope to hear that you are heading to the hospital for your new lungs. We love both you and Scott very much. Keep up your incredible strength. You are an inspiration!
    Michael, Sina, & Alycia

  3. Nadine permalink

    Pam, Thank you for sharing your journey. As always you are an amazing role model with your grace and strength.
    Loving you tons.

  4. Mary Beth permalink

    Pam, your strength and positive attitude since the beginning of this journey has amazed me. Ian came home from school the other day and asked me what the definition of a hero was. So I looked it up and it said “a person who is admired for courage or noble qualities”. He then asked me who my hero was. I told him I have a few but the one that stuck out was you Pam. You are brave, courageous, and have a huge heart! You have always provided unconditional love to those you care about, and put other people’s needs ahead of your own.That is my definition of a hero. As you continue on this journey for new lungs, you have the support of your family and friends and now you need to focus on yourself and what it is going to take to get over the next hill of this journey. Together we will fight until the day arrives when you can once again enjoy all the activities you love to do.
    Thanks for being my “HERO”
    I love you,
    Mary Beth

  5. Alexa Murphy permalink

    Pam, I am amazed that you have the strength to write this blog! I will be following your journey and thinking of you. Lots of love, Alexa

  6. Ross Maudsley permalink

    Hey Pam, this is a moving record. Keep the faith baby, your endurance will be rewarded, and then you’ll know what the rest of us don’t – that every easy breath… is a gift.

  7. Nancy Hollar permalink

    Glad you have an opportunity for a lung transplant now. Hoping for better days ahead for you as you continue your journey in Fall of 2012. Our prayers are with you.
    Nancy Hollar

  8. Fay Wilson permalink

    Pam – thank you for sharing. I missed talking to you at Steve’s memorial – so many people, not enough time to get around 😦 !! You will be in my daily prayers- stay strong…your “day” is coming! xoxo

  9. mike northcott permalink

    Pam, Thinking about you often, thanks for sharing your story with us! Take care!

  10. Pam, you are in my thoughts a lot. I know how it feels to not be able to breath. We miss you here and I pray for you every time I think about you. Stay strong, be brave, get well! xo – Jaimie G

  11. Don permalink

    Hey Pam,

    my thoughts and prayers and with you,
    keep up your spirits, I know you will enjoy great health again soon!

    we all miss you here at Nelvana!

  12. Joan Staveley permalink

    Love to you and scott….. every day!!! And so glad there is such a thing as a lung transplant…that gift of love that someone else is making that goes to a person they don’t even know. It’s all a beautiful thing!!! We are organ donors in this house and will make sure Sam is too when he’s an adult because it’s the right thing to do.

  13. Tammy Prior permalink

    I agree with George!!!! Take care!!!

  14. George Lehn permalink

    Pam, It will be tough not to have you and Scott around for the upcoming holidays, but it will all be for the best when you get new lungs and are able to enjoy life again. I sometimes wonder how many of us could handle this as well as you do. I also think our family is very fortunate that you have Scott in your life. The way he watches over you and sticks by your side is just amazing. I’m sure he will get you through this.

  15. Kay Jackson permalink

    Thank you for taking the time to chronicle this journey

  16. Sue permalink

    Pam, you have so much love and support surrounding you as you fight to stay strong on your journey for new lungs. Keep your spirits high, and when it’s difficult, call, e-mail or text! I am so looking forward to you having healthy lungs again, so you can partake in family activities at your beautiful lake home; go hiking, travel, just do all those things you love to do. Just hope each day is “the” day when new lungs become available…Love, hugs and positive thoughts coming your way! Love you

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