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Salami, Salami Baloney

September 26, 2012

Just finished week two of  physi0 therapy.  My friend, Kelly, from Minneapolis was here and helped me work through the routine.

I was having fun ‘bowing’ to her for her help with this chest stretching exercise and then found out I was exerting too much by bending to the floor so from now on it’s a half bow from the waist up.  I couldn’t get that Popeye cartoon out of my head all week!

We met  pre-transplant patients as well as post-transplant patients in the treadmill room

There are many stories that get shared both in the treadmill room as well as the support group that assembles once a week.  Many folks are not from the Toronto area and they have to re-locate while they wait for their operation.  Sharing and venting is good therapy for everyone.  Then in walks someone who has had new lungs for 8 weeks and HOPE gets it’s place again in the room.

Kelly I salute you and appreciate your help and patience.    With blue gloves on wiping the equipment down when i finish and marking the yellow sheet with my counts, not to mention rolling me to and from the car, filling my O2 tank, and putting food on a plate for me at home.  (Food delivered by kitchen elfs !) Not to mention the dogs getting fed and put out for a pee.  I hope I can be this nice in the future when someone needs help.  The acts of kindness have been outrageous!


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  1. Susie Grondin permalink

    Beatiful smiles by beautiful women….

  2. Kelly M permalink

    Pammy! Thanks for the week of soaking-up-some-Pam-time, it meant the world to me.

    My friend Susan wrote a poem a while back, but it seems fittingly meant as my wish for you:

    I wish for you a day
    without thorns
    a day of blossoms, of
    niceties and open

    a rarified day without taxation
    a day of long views and hot tea.
    of plump robins, flattering pants
    and pocket novels

    a sing-song sort of day
    without shortness of breath
    a day of white cake and lavender
    baths, of shiny ear bobs and
    rickety barns

    a single day without loud
    a day of ticking clocks, bare feet
    on cool wood and the fleeting
    sweetness of dust particles and

    — Susan Pagani

  3. merrill permalink

    The leaves are changing color and there is a cool breeze in the air. I think of our walks with the boys to the Bluffs and leaning against the wall at the waterworks and look so forward to doing all of that and more with you once this lag of the journey is behind us.

  4. Ohogirl permalink

    Pam –

    Steve Sullivan just told us – we had no idea that you were ill – and we are so thrilled that a transplant is possible. Den’s father had a heart transplant and it made it possible for him not just to attend, but to dance at our wedding.

    You are such an incredible gal, once you get your new lungs, you won’t just rule Nelvana – you’ll rule the world!

    Please keep us posted and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    With warmest wishes,

    Dennis & Marcy (aka Haley & Brown)

  5. Mike Edwards permalink

    It is our blessing to be able to the little things we do to help. Can’t wait for the day that I have to walk faster just to keep up with you on the trail at the cottage.

  6. Dan Yaccarino permalink

    Thank you for sharing your struggle and strength. You are a true inspiration to us all.

  7. Amazing story lived and told by an amazing human. We know you’ve got what it takes to conquer this incredibly unfair challenge. You’re a combination courageous Canadian, stubborn Minnesotan, and you’re funny too! So here’s to your rapid re-inflation and a chance to share our air soon. We believe in you!

    Steve & Ursula

  8. Alexa Murphy permalink

    Gave thanks for my breathe and ability on my yoga mat today. You are a shining light! Thank you, Pam!

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