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How do you feel?

October 8, 2012

There is much self analysis when one has a chronic illness.  You set a base line and then comment on that scale when you exercise or simply go about your daily motions.

The Borg Scale was devised for breathlessness and other physical actions.

In the treadmill room my baseline is 3-4 on the borg scale of breathlessness;  which means that I will always work with some breathlessness.  After I complete 20 minutes on the treadmill or the bike I then record my Oxygen stats, pulse and how I feel on the borg scale as far as breathlessness.

It may seem high when I say I feel like ‘5’ after the treadmill, but when my baseline is 4 there isn’t that big a leap.  I then recover to the point of 3 or 4 and move on.

So if I answer with a number next time you ask “How are you feeling?” you can refer to the chart below.  And remember for me it’s only the breath not the physical feeling.

This last week I’ve had the pleasure of ‘brother in law’ Kurt as my caregiver.  Looking forward to his the BBQ ribs that he’s going to make.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


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One Comment
  1. Karen Saunders permalink

    Recipe to follow I hope? And a happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving to you!

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