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Step by Step Instructions

November 11, 2012

Over the last few weeks I’m learning that I’m not able to multi-task as much as I would hope to on a physical level and still have a constant stream of air flow.  I do things more on a step by step base waiting for my O2 level to catch up after each stage.

For Instance; get dressed, ‘check’, brush teeth, ‘check’, wait for O2 level to get back to normal, do not cough and brush teeth at same time.  prefer one thing at a time as both require oxygen.

If I can get through 3 days of Physio that is a big plus for the week.  Not every week is a perfect 10 in the Treadmill room.  Some days the energy is not there and I set off alarms on the oximeter readings.  I’m learning to not let that upset me and get me more flustered and breathless.

Going anyplace out of the house is work, we have a system by where I fire up the tank to a higher value when I go to the car and come back into house which helps with the recovery period.  Those recovery periods are maybe 2 minutes and they are 2 long minutes where only I can do the work and breath back to a normal breath.  When my friend Ann was here she did a relaxation exercise on me, it helped with not feeling alone in my breathless zone.

I dubbed Ann the ‘Ambassador of Joy’ at the Physio room because after 2 weeks,  she had made friends with everyone and had them all sad to see her go.

I received an award from my colleagues at work a couple weeks ago,  I was very proud and honored to have been recognized.  I was able to attend the award ceremony with the help of my good friends Ann, Scott , Joey and others.  I hadn’t been back at work since June and the applause was so heart felt and emotional.  Funny story about the event is that it took me several days to get ready, had to buy a new suit.  Wash hair and shave on one day but not same day as putting on the tights, suit, blouse jacket and make sense of my hair.  Luckily there was a make up angel at the photo shoot who made me look refreshed.

Ann has gone home now, My sister Sue Ann was just here for 2 weeks and is gone, looking forward to my brother Michael who arrives tomorrow.

I miss Sue already, she picked out such nice outfits for me to wear and cleaned out my closet and cupboards.  She got me going on eating more regularly. Her parting gift was fresh baked ginger cookies that usually only come at Christmas.   People are so nice from Minnesota!


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  1. Karen Saunders permalink

    The new suit is fabulous and congrats on your well deserved award! xok

  2. Dan & Julia permalink

    Congratulations on your award and your progress! Eric & Susan were just here to visit with Dan’s 95 year old Mom who is in a nursing home. They keep us posted on you, Scott and the pups. Wish I could send you some Texas air!

  3. Alexa Murphy permalink

    Thank you so much for keeping up on your blog and for sharing your journey with us. You are not alone. So many people thinking of you and sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. Hang in there!

  4. Jessie Thomson permalink

    Pam. I’m thinking of you and send you a big hug. Finished recording the Franklin specials a few weeks ago. I can honestly say that those six days were the most fun I’ve ever had in the studio. Such an incredible group of people. I hope you will like the outcome I expect that they will be wonderful. Are you going to come to the screening of “The Fpur Seasons”? Hope to see you there. Been watching “Downton Abbey”. Have you seen it? Awesome period drama with the amazing Maggie Smith. Check it put if you haven’t already. Hug. Jessie

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