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Curbside appeal

January 31, 2013

Well, there has been another flurry of caregivers from December through January and we have now spent 5 months on the official waiting list.  Still have not found the match that will bring bring back my quality of life,  and sadly the disease continues to deteriorate my current set of puffers.

We came into the hospital through emergency on Monday on advice from one of the transplant team members.   Scott had written a very succinct summary of how he has seen me struggle to move around the house, and try to get from point A to point B all at the same time as getting to therapy 3 days a week.

They did an echo-cardiogram and another chest X-Ray and CT Scan.

The echo had good news in the it didn’t show any new damage from November, but the CT scan did show more scarring on the lungs and further damage due to the disease.

They’ve admitted me here and I could be staying until they find me a match, unless the prednisone makes me feel like I can go home and function as easily as if I was here.

The wiener dogs are well taken care of by our walker Judy Evans so they are in good hands.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers.



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  1. Eddy permalink

    Pam, you are simply amazing. Much LOVE and prayers.

  2. Karen Saunders permalink

    Angus and Wallace probably have tastier food than you’re getting at the hospital. I hope there is a covert food operation in the works. Keep up the hope and the happy face. xok

  3. Terrie Pitts permalink

    Hi – for all you Canadians following Pam’s journey, please sign up to be an organ donor. Go to It will be the best gift you can give – the gift of life. Love you Pam. Terrie

  4. Frank Manzo permalink

    Hi Pam,
    I’m following your journey and I’ve hesitated in sending any notes of encouragement because I’m frankly, hungry for words. I’ve come to the conclusion that any message of support must at least provide some spark of inspiritment, so here goes: … I always knew you had stones.
    Sending you love and positive energy,

  5. Kouper Corinne permalink

    Hi dear Pam. I am sending you all the strength i could.

    Probably the wait will not be too long from now.

    I am myself at the hospital, fighting against a cancer.

    Another kind of fight.

    Lots of courage and lots of love.

    Warm wishes,

    Corinne Kouper

  6. Pam, I will be there soon! Need to give you a big hug and some Irish luck! What a beautiful, strong person you are… I am sure you are the nurses pet. I hope they are pampering you. That is what I am going to do. Only 8 more days, but who is counting? Kath

  7. Pat Burns permalink

    The day is going to come when you trade in the lungs pillow for the real thing. Keep holding those stones. I’ll see you before I go to NY.

    Lots of love,

  8. Ben permalink

    Hello Miss Pam, Thank you for your informative update. We are all pounding the gates of heaven ( in prayer of course). You are on numerous pray chains in Minnesota and Arizona. Hope is the operative word. Please keep that in the forefront . I love the photo of you holding the word hope close to your heart, we love you Miss Pam, when I see your red hair I see Steve. Keep going forward. Hugs, Auntie Kathleen and Uncle Ben

  9. Roberto Alfonso permalink

    Hi Pam,
    Elizabeth and I have been thinking about you. Sorry to hear they have not gotten a match for you yet. I was going to email Scott and inquire but I know he is a busy person. We are wishing you the best.

  10. Frank Taylor permalink

    Hi Pam,
    Thanks so much for the update. I know it must take tremendous effort and it is appreciated. I hope that being in the hospital may make some part of your wait a little easier and that being there, right under their noses, might somehow accelerate the process. Glad to hear that the dogs are well taken-care of – I saw the cute facsimile dog in the background of your photo that at least doesn’t require a pocketful of plastic bags. Keep holding on to that “hope” stone. Please give my best to Scott and let him know that I’m thinking of both of you.

    Warm thoughts,


  11. Jessie Thomson permalink


    I am thinking of you constantly and am in awe of your elegance in the face of this challenge. So many of us wouldn’t handle things any where near as well as you. I will visit you next week whether at the hospital or at home. Glad the weiners are OK and Scott is amazing as is his usual way. Hugs and smooches Jessie

  12. Kay Jackson permalink

    I’ve shared your blog with several friends and co-workers and the reaction is always the same (and completely accurate): “Your sister is AMAZING!” Hang in there,little sis. Love, Kay

  13. Alexa Murphy permalink

    It was good to see you yesterday. You continue to amaze me with the grace in which you accept your situation and just deal. Your energy is not wasted on anger or sorrow but spared for your survival. I have hope that your lungs will come. I am glad that you do too. Much love to you and Scott- Alexa

  14. Lynn Reist permalink

    Hi Pam,
    Here’s hoping you get your new lungs very very soon! The weiner dogs will miss you. Take care and hope those swell meds make you feel better.

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