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New Beginnings

February 5, 2013

Guest Editor : Scott Dyer

As I write this, Pam has been out of surgery for a mere 48 hours.   Yet she is sitting in a chair in front of me.   There is no ventilator.   She is breathing on her own.   Tomorrow she will walk.


The two year difficult journey to transplant has changed completely in the last two days.  While it is very hard for Pam, she is now improving every day – she is getting better – something that has not been the case since the diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

The support and care she has received at Toronto General has been extraordinary.   Today Pam was visited by Dr. Chapparo, the staff respirologist in the Transplant program and Pam’s advocate.     Dr. Chapparo made the decision to put Pam on the list and also recommended that she be admitted to the hospital last week.   We’ll never know, but we think she was instrumental in ensuring Pam’s position on the transplant list.

We are both overwhelmed by the show of support from friends and family around the world.   I read all of the postings to this blog to Pam yesterday and neither of us could hold back the tears.    We are truly grateful to all of you, and we look forward to a big celebration of life in Minnesota and Toronto this summer.

Pam will soon move to the first step down unit, and then to the transplant floor where here rehabilitation will continue.    Then she will go home.

She will write the next post to this blog, and she is looking forward to seeing and talking with many of you.


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  1. Edythe Yee permalink

    Hi Pam,
    Your blog is fantastic and I wish you an amazing recovery! Wow, what a journey you have been on and to have such a wonderful group of people by your side all the way. You are one very lucky lady. Wishing you and Scott all the best.

  2. Pam, your sister emailed me with the link to your blog. You have been through so much – I can’t imagine the determination it takes to do this. And now that you’ve come this far, life will get a little better every day. Heartfelt best wishes for your continued recovery!

  3. Gretchen Arne permalink

    Pam ~ I just learned of your surgery today from Ann on FB. I am so sorry you had to go through this but am thrilled for you that the surgery was a success. I will keep you in my prayers as you continue to recover. Blessings to you Pam!

  4. Dear Pam, you are a very special person to me. I miss you. Get well soon.

  5. Frank Duyvelshoff permalink

    So very happy for you both. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  6. Michelle Chee permalink

    This is wonderful news! Thank you for being with us Pam and wishing you all the best during your recovery.

  7. Jason Cohen permalink

    Great to hear that you received the transplant and that things are going so well! All the best during your recovery Pam!

  8. Sean Jeffrey permalink

    Pam and Scott, I can not express how happy I am for you both to hear such unbelievably good news. I wish you all the very best through Pam’s recovery!!! This is just amazing!!!

  9. Andrew Liem permalink

    Amazing, Crazy Good news!! Our thoughts are with you guys.

  10. Michelle English permalink

    I just heard about this, Pam, today. I had the pleasure of working for you on RPO as a new kid in the business… very green and wet behind the airs granted. I always thought of you as a strong individual — but hearing this news is true confirmation of your fighter spirit. Did you know that when I left Nelvana, it was off to Trillium Gift of Life? This is where I learned about organ donation and eventually became an ally for such an important cause. The staff at TGLN in collaboration with some amazing transplant hospitals such as Toronto General and of course donor champions across Ontario and the US give and work tirelessly for moments like this! I am so glad to hear you are on the mend! Keep fighting and continue to get stronger, Pam. Take care! Michelle E.

  11. Dana Boadway Masson & Terrence Masson permalink

    Pam and Scott,

    We were so shocked to hear about this news, and are so grateful that things went so well with the surgery. You are in our thoughts and prayers. What a miraculous thing science is. We wish you all the best!!

    Much love,
    Dana & Terrence

  12. Scott MacMillan permalink

    Scott and Pam –

    I’m only now learning of this journey that you have been on. I’m so very shocked to learn of it, while at the same time so happy to learn about this recent good news that Scott posted about above. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you both that this is the inflection point of the illness and of much deserved bright days and long health ahead. Looking forward to seeing you when you’re well enough.

    My very best,

  13. Michelle permalink

    Pam you are incredible! While many of us that know you were at Kidscreen last week…we all would take a moment to send you good energy…and love…in hopes that the more love we sent the more you would feel it…I hope you felt it and continue to feel it as I think of you daily. Michelle

  14. Leanna Gosse permalink

    I had no idea about your illness, Pam, until now. But I’m so happy that you’re doing well and on your way to improved health. I wish you and Scott all the best!

  15. Robyn Moir permalink

    That’s wonderful news! I hope health improves each day. All the best!

  16. jaelyn permalink

    Pam and Scott-
    So very very happy for the both of you.
    much love
    Jaelyn xo

  17. Ann permalink

    Pam as I have said over and over but maybe not to you but you look so great!!!! I sobbed with joy on Sunday for you we knew it had to happen and it did!!! Scott you look like 10 tons have been lifted from your shoulders!! What a joy for the both of you. Hopefully one day you guys can make a trip out here, soon!! M
    Keep up the good work and that twinkle In your eyes is nice to see again,
    Love u guys!!!

  18. Jeff Astolfo permalink

    Unbelievably good news!!! So good to hear. Stay strong and best wishes to you both.

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