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Home Sweet Home

February 19, 2013


On Saturday February 16th the Doctor came by and said, “would you like to go home”?   I was a bit gobsmacked, I  looked at Scott and Kathy and said, “sure”.   My lungs had cleared, I was capable of walking out, my medication was set until next visit, and they knew I had a top notch support team to get me out the door.  What better place to avoid an infection then in the hospital bed anyway !

Home is clean, quiet and with my immune system at the lowest point, it’s much safer here.  As i continue to re-build my body, the system will get stronger.  I will always be slightly compromised, susceptible, but the program teaches you how to live your new life normally.

Toronto General will continue to follow me for the rest of time.  More frequent the first 3 months, then the first year, and then it is anniversary after anniversary .  I was happy to give up my bed so they could continue to save lives and give someone else room to heal.

Coming home was pretty surreal, walking around the house into rooms that I hadn’t been in months.  I am like a toddler with my walk, but the physio continues here and I’m right back at the Transplant Physio room at the hospital on Friday.

I feel like a new mother, not quite sure what to expect.  As my Aunt Kathleen says, “a new mother  with twins!”  They are precious and I’m taking good care, taking it  slow on the come back, but I’m working my way to communicating with everyone as I get stronger.

I am channeling all the positive energy and thoughts from everyone.  That has been the best gift, words of encouragement.

As well I draw on my dad’s resilience.  He is a rock and I am thankful for his example.  One of my heroes!

My Dad

My Dad

During my “dark” week (1st week post op) and as I continue to rebuild this body, I have thought often about my cousin Steve’s humour and will to get strong, stay strong.  He fought the good fight for four years, getting up off the mat every time he got knocked down, all the while with a joke and smile.

Again, I want the donor family to be proud .


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  1. Frank Manzo permalink

    I heard somewhere that a person’s left lung is smaller in size than their right lung in order to make room for the person’s heart… If I had to guess, I’d bet that the surgeon had to cut off some of your new left lung in order to just make it fit. … Welcome home! xo

  2. Eric & Susan permalink

    So happy to see you up and about last week! We’re here for you if you need anything, just holler!

  3. Christie Dreyfuss permalink

    Hi Pam, I am just learning of your story now. You and Scott are in my thoughts and I will continue to follow your journey here. Much love from New Jersey.

  4. Pat Arnold permalink

    Hi Pam. This is your long lost cousin, Pat Lehn, who talked to you at Aunt Joann’s Service. You have had quite a wait-thank the Lord you were finally rewarded for your patience. Hope your progress continues.

  5. Brian Harris permalink

    Your journey is just amazing Pam, what a gift!
    Keep it up as you’ve inspired us all….

  6. Theresa Wynn permalink

    Your strength and determination to ease into the next part of your life with grace is such an inspiration to those of us going through much less significant trials. God bless!!

  7. willie permalink

    Pam , welcome home. You look GREAT !!!! Keep up all your hard work, it’s paying off.

  8. Merle Anne permalink

    Wow thats so great PAm. SO much better to heal at home with your pups and family close at hand. I will drop by once you are ready to receive company. all the best.xo Merle Anne

  9. Mike permalink

    What an inspiration you are.

  10. Dan & Julia permalink

    We are hiking in Big Bend NP for you and the twins. Love the analogy! Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you.

  11. Margaret Hebert permalink

    So glad to hear you are home. Keep up the good work. Take care and God bless.


  12. Alexa Murphy permalink

    The colour of life has returned to your cheeks! How good it is to learn that you are back home! Please continue to keep us posted.
    All our love, prayers and positive thoughts are with you, your family and the family of your donor. We give thanks.
    Alexa and Co.

  13. Hailey, Brady, and Leiney permalink

    Pam, It is so amazing to see you standing by the front door when it feels like just a few weeks ago when I was with you and that was too difficult. I am overjoyed that you are back home with Scott and can build up your strength there (by the way, nice job surprising my Mom)! What a blessing this is to all of us who love you; can’t wait to see you this summer. Hugs and Kisses!

  14. Bob and Liz Stroh permalink

    Pam you could not look more beautiful…XOXO!

  15. Stephanie Duncan permalink

    Home is indeed the best place to be, isn’t it? Thinking of you often, and over-joyed to hear of your amazing progress.

  16. Karen Saunders permalink

    Love the twins shirt humour! Virtual hugs from me, licks from Tilda and Porter Dog, and a disdainful look of indifference from Cartman Cat.

  17. cynthia taylor permalink

    Welcome home Pam!

  18. Beth Yakimchuk permalink

    Pam, you are looking fantastic, you have come so far in a few short weeks. I have shared your story with my folks. We continue to pray for your healing, and for your family of supporters. You ARE making them proud.

  19. Doug Kingsbury and Bob Lange permalink

    So glad you’re home. We’re beside ourselves with joy! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Keep up the great work!

  20. Nadine/Scott/Gabi/Bea permalink

    Pamela Spamela it’s so amazing to see you standing in your beautiful home. You and Scott are regular dinner conversation with the vdvks. You are an inspiration and your journey has been a gift to all of us. xoxo Scott, Nadine Gabi and Bea (and my sister Gaby too who is visiting)

  21. Dave Simmons permalink

    Wow Pam! It’s absolutely wonderful to see you at home again. I wish you all the praise in the world for how you’ve battled. I truely look forward to seeing you soon.


  22. Pat Burns permalink

    How wonderful to see you standing at your front door Pam 🙂

  23. sillyivan permalink

    It’s such a joy to hear of your progress. Your post before last was so touching and heartfelt ’twas like a good news poem. Here’s to deeper breaths for longer chuckles.

    Steve & Ursula

  24. Kathleen Grunden permalink

    I am totally amazed! Praise God for your healing, and I pray your continued good health and a perfect recovery. What an absolute gift to be back home. I am so very happy for you both!

  25. Katie Malone permalink

    Well, I have loved every picture that has been posted but the two tonight top them all! You look absolutely fabulous and Lloyd is so handsome (as usual). Great job on your recovery. You have such a fabulous support team from heaven and earth! Keep it up the great work!

  26. Michael, Sina, and Alycia permalink

    Pam, we are so happy that you are able to be back home so soon with Scott. We continue to marvel at how great you look. We look forward to hearing more about your positive progress.
    Love you,
    Michael, Sina, and Alycia

  27. Jessie Thomson permalink

    Pam welcome back to your life. I am so glad that you are home sweet home. Nothing like it. Rest and enjoy the comfort of your home and all the people and things you love, who love you back. Jessie

  28. Bob Cobban permalink

    Great to hear that you are now home Pam, it must be a wonderful feeling. Keep it up!

  29. Susie Grondin permalink

    Your posts bring such joy… You are a wonderfully strong person and I truly admire you. 🙂

  30. Frank Taylor permalink

    Wow, Pam. Unbelievable. A testament to modern medicine and to your own fortitude. Keep up the amazing progress. We’re all rooting for you!

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