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3 Month Anniversary – May 4, 2013

May 12, 2013

Last week May 6th – 10th I was at Toronto General 4 out of the 5 days doing out-patient tests for my 3 month assessment.  Now the doctors will not need to see me until another 3 months have passed.  I will continue to do blood work and breathing tests every two weeks to keep a watch on my blood levels so any signs of infection or rejection can be dealt with in an efficient manner.  I’m doing great!  That’s all anyone can say!

It was a long and exhausting week with fasting and poking and tubes down my nose and throat.  In light of all that it was inspiring and humbling,  because it was also anniversary week for other fellow transplant recipients who were there for their 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month and even 2 years!  The happiest people on earth I swear!


Clinic Day – 3 months – Me and my Twins!

Supervised Physio Therapy is over.  I now will be continuing a regular exercise program on my own to continue to build my strength and keep my bones healthy.  I will miss them, they were the nicest, firmest group of medical professionals.  They had the perfect balance of gentle and firm that I needed to get back into living a physical life.  As Carmen a fellow transplant recipient commented, “Your pushed out on a floating ice berg, Swim Nemo Swim!”

Over the past 12 week period I worked up to 4% grade at 3.5 mph on the treadmill.  Which gave me the strength and stamina to do the stairs from the seats at a Jay’s Game! (with no recovery time needed)  Prior to the transplant I could walk at 0% grade at .5 mph and still needed to recover after less than 20 minutes because I couldn’t pull in enough oxygen to keep the muscles pumping the oxygenated blood to my extremities.


4% grade @ 3.5mph 20 minutes


Rogers Centre Stairs.. First big climb post transplant.

My xrays continue to be one of my favorite tests to check,  as they give me such a clear idea of what I had in my lung capacity in the past and what my new lungs now give me.

Comparing the pre-transplant lungs from January 2013 with my clinical check up in March  and then this last check up at 13 weeks.  The Dark space is  oxygen, the white spidery  lines on the first X-ray are the fibrosis and scarring.  all clear now!  See how you can see my stomach on the right side of slide 1?  That is because the lung tissue has shrunken up and revealed it.  It is covered in slide 2 and 3 as the lung is full size again and covers the stomach.

Old lungs plus two shot of new lungs.  January- Old, March and May New

Old lungs plus two shot of new lungs. January- Old, March and May New lungs!

I went to Minnesota to surprise my family for my brother, George’s wedding.  At breakfast I was surprised by my first caregiver, Kelly, who gathered a group of friends from Minneapolis to celebrate my 3 month anniversary.  It was pure joy and surprise for everyone!!!


Kelly, Pam, Scott


It’s Water! Really!

And the one surprise that I couldn’t resist was for my sister, Sue Ann, who spent several weeks caring for me and traveling through the darkest times with both Scott and me.


Mike, Sue Ann, Pam


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  1. Alexa Murphy permalink

    We are overjoyed for your continued improvement! Now you can go back to your beautiful cottage this summer and travel freely to be with your loved ones in Minnesota. You also have your boys again- hope Wally and Angus are well too.
    You remind us how fortunate we are everyday to have our health and our loved ones. Thank you for this amazing gift you have unintentionally given us!
    Much love,
    Alexa and Doug

  2. Karen Saunders permalink

    I hope the summer continues to get better and better. Much love, hugs and kisses.

  3. Amazing to see the x-rays! Thanks for continuing to share your amazing journey.

  4. Stephanie Duncan permalink

    It was so great to see you the other day, Pam, looking so wonderful. Please come back soon.

  5. Bryan Ellis permalink

    Amazing Pam. Leslie and I are thrilled for you. Here’s to a great summer in Minnesota. Keep it going. Best wishes, Bryan and Leslie

  6. Muncie Rogers permalink

    Pam, how very hapoy I was to see the latest blog on your renewing good health. As I am now sure, this was a lot of endeavor on your part, knowing that God is right there with you. You will always have my support and love. Sorry we have to be so far apart geographically – but in our hearts you know that my love for Scott and you is there to help.

  7. Kathleen Grunden permalink

    What glorious words! I am so happy for you and so proud of you for all the pain and hard work it has taken to reach this point. What an amazing experience. Definitely you are God’s miracle!

  8. Michael, Sina, and Alycia permalink

    Pam, I continue to be amazed at your progress. Look forward to seeing you more this summer.
    Michael, Sina, Alycia

  9. Sue permalink

    So, so proud of you Pam and how far you’ve come! Your visit to MN was a wonderful surprise. It was amazing to be able to walk your lake property with you and not see you struggling for breath… You’ve come so far, with a lot of hard work and determination!! Looking forward to your next visit, many more walks, and you being able to enjoy the lake this summer. Keep up the good work – you ARE doing great and you look fantastic. Love you,
    Sue Ann

  10. Frank Taylor permalink

    Greetings from Australia, Pam. This is all such good news. What an inspiration you are! Keep the blogs coming. They really lift our days. Cheers, Frank

  11. I LOVE YOU PAM LEHN! You’re my hero! So inspirational. LOVE the picture of the steps at the baseball game. XOXO – Kelly, Mike and Max.

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