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Things I thought I’d never do again…

May 31, 2013

Went to Minnesota for a week to prep the Lake House for summer.  Last year I mostly sat on the porch looking out and wondering if I’d ever be able to partake in all the fun activities that we had planned when we developed the property.

As my disease got worse, I sometimes wondered if I even cared to walk in the woods again, or sit on the dock and fish or climb into the boat or garden.  Once I got there and took my first walk on the path through the woods and didn’t feel overwhelmed it occurred to me that I could do these things and really wanted to do them again  New beginnings for all of us….

Short flight, but should get use to being cautious.

Short flight, but should get use to being cautious.

Pathway through woods --Just starting to 'spring' up.

Pathway through woods –Just starting to ‘spring’ up.

Getting direction from Dad who provided the tomato plants

Being supervised by the Master!

Time for a tour of property.

Time for a tour of property.


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  1. Sara permalink

    I have been meaning to comment but now seeing you last week I must. I feel such joy reading this, and hugging you last week.

  2. Frank Manzo permalink

    I’m so glad you are doing so well! It’s so wonderful to see you enjoying again.

  3. Karen Saunders permalink

    The pics brought tears of joy. So glad to see you in the garden!!! I’m having to give up my secondary garden centre job (deemed conflict of interest by new management), but I still get to work 50% of my time outdoors during the summer months in the floral department at the grocery store. So, I’ll be thinking about you every time I go outdoors and breathe the beautiful air as I conquer one parking lot at a time. Big hugs to you in particular Scott, as I know it’s hard to be the supportive background person. Miss you both, and hopefully see you soon in TO. xok

  4. Robert permalink

    Hi Pam, it was amazing seeing you at Scarborough Rd last month. Seems like you were your old self again. Will Scott be pimping out the golf cart?

  5. Dan & Julia permalink

    Pam, we are so glad to see you back in your normal habitat! You look wonderful. Keep up the good work and enjoy every moment of your new life. Thanks for all the updates.

  6. Frank Taylor permalink

    Wow! Wonderful to see you out gardening. How amazing that must be. Nice to see the pics with your Dad.

  7. Kathleen Grunden permalink

    Wonderful pictures. I’m so glad to see you so happy and able to enjoy your beautiful home. I hope some day I can get to MN and see it in person.

  8. Margaret permalink

    Those are great pics of you and your Dad. So glad you can enjoy your lake property again!!

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