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Back on Track

February 27, 2014

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us”. – Joseph Campbell

I start my first year post transplant with trust, knowledge and understanding.  As I move forward, I have the trust that any tweaks, adjustments, or sidelines are all part of this new life.  I have the knowledge and understanding of knowing what to expect from my body and that I have a second chance at a wonderful life, and I am grateful for this gift.

To sum up all the thanks and gratitude I have for my donor, the donor family, my immediate family, my support team and the organ donation community, I want to share in video & pictures a bit of the transformation that I have gone through, and share all the strength, kindness and compassion that I received from everyone.  With the power of all those smiles, one could not have a stronger dose of encouragement.  You my friends have defined empathy and it is Good!

The courage of the people who have gone on the same journey as I, or who continue to journey and wait for their gift of life is explored in many of the photographs that are contributed by Susan John Reid, who is a stronger than life individual, showing compassion not only for her husband Jack, but all lung buddies!

Thank you to all who shared ‘selfies’ sporting the commemorative t-shirt and boosting awareness for organ donation!

“Research shows that people who are physically healthy, have strong social and communal ties, and have meaningful goals tend to be happier and live longer”-  what a great idea!

PS  The video is roughly 10 minutes.  You’ll need to push the Vimeo button to watch.


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  1. Nadine permalink

    Wow Pam! That is incredibly uplifting! You are truly remarkable. Love us

  2. Susie Grondin permalink

    Just wonderful! Really wish those on the fence about organ donation could see this and understand the importance of a signature…

  3. Jocelyn Hamilton permalink

    Tears! So wonderful! Can’t believe the difference a year, a month, a day can make. Blessings!

  4. Margaret permalink

    The beginning was a real tear jerker. It was a great video..thanks for sharing. So happy for you!
    Take care and God bless.

  5. Stephanie Duncan permalink

    So sweet! Thanks for sharing, Pam. What a journey! Here’s to many more years of the good life!

  6. Frank Taylor permalink

    Thanks for the video, Pam. How far you have come, up to and including the Polar Bear swim – even a born-and-bred northerner like me would balk at that! And thanks so much for reminding us all of the importance of organ donation and of registering properly for it. I was going along thinking that I had already looked after this, but your situation made me check into it and I realized I wasn’t properly registered at all. Now I am – and every chance I get I tell your story and how, without your donor, it might not have happened. You have inspired all of us in so many ways.

  7. Mike Fallows permalink

    Very nice Pam! Amazing how far you have come. Glad the shots of me skating don’t include me laying face first on the ice.

  8. Tracey Dodokin permalink

    I love this! So great to see how far you’ve come in the last year and look forward to where you’re headed, stay strong Pam!!! xo

  9. Cousin Katie permalink

    Wow, it is just amazing to see your transformation. Special thank you to the people that have made the best decision of their lives, being a donor!

  10. kpgrief permalink

    Wonderful, Pam!

    Sent from my iPad


  11. Debra Toffan permalink

    What a great video. So inspiring Pam! Here’s to another wonderful year ahead. Debra

  12. edhey100 . permalink

    It is great to have you back on track

  13. Jessie Thomson permalink

    Pam what a wonderful video and tribute to all the people who love you. Thank you so much. We are all so glad you are still around. XO Jessie

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