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Four More Years! February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017

Today is a good day to reflect on the important things in life and to renew my vow to be forever grateful.  Since it has been two years since I’ve posted, I start to feel anxious about remembering everything that has happened in the past two years.  So in order to move forward and be zen about the present, I will embrace the day, move forward in the present keep the past embedded to keep me strong and honest.

I am going to ignore the rhetoric of ‘bringing back’  in order to be happy, but to move forward from this point and consider only the good, accepting the normal, embracing the situation, and making life ‘great’ without second guessing the progress that I and others have made. Believing love is out there in the world.  There is no ‘again’, there is just ‘now’.

I still remain closely knit to the transplant community, rejoicing in the advances in medicine that continue to bring second chances to so many deserving humans.  Transplant patients who share in the fight for life are soldiers and when one falls we all grieve.  There is a bond that is never broken.

Check out this current story if you need to be reaffirmed that there is good in the world.

Thank you family, friends and donor.



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  1. Frank Manzo permalink

    I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well! Sigh. I can breath a sigh of relief… xo

  2. Dan & Julia Flaherty permalink

    Incredible story! So glad to hear you are doing so well and Scott too! It’s time you guys retire and start RVing!

  3. Mike Fallows permalink

    You are a hero to both Deb and I. XXXX

  4. Bob Cobban permalink

    Well said Pam! Wishing you and Scott all the best!

  5. Vanessa permalink

    Sending you big hugs and thinking of you. Xo

  6. LAURIE WILSON permalink

    Sending you and Scott BIG HUGS from Santa Fe! Luv, Laurie

  7. Doug kingsbury permalink


  8. Kathy Pirsch permalink

    Pam, Happy Lungaversary! So proud of you! You gives us all strentgh to live each day and appreciate it all! I miss you and hope to see you sometime soon! Enjoy your celebration!!!

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