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My name is Pam Lehn and I am Hungry for Air.  It is the worst case of the munchies I have every experienced.  I have been diagnosed and have been living with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis since the Fall of 2009.

Being a person who has loved the great outdoors all my life, losing the power to take in air is something that I never ever imagined possible.  You need lungs to survive and I’m on a journey to do just that!

  1. Mark permalink

    And so it ends with October 2013. From my earliest days on the planet, I’ll I’ve ever known is the Immunology department: as a child with Primary Immunodeficiency (a genetic blood disease, where my B cells ignore all antigens, effectively a child with no immune system, bubble boy, sitting and waiting for the next opportunistic infection), I’ve sat with the Chemo dept, Cystic, and HIV/AIDS for a tale as old as time, late 80s to present. It’s interesting who you see, knocking on heaven’s door. Griping adults getting chemo, the shift from gay men to Russia and the horn of Africa, and kids waiting for transplants. Every three weeks I sat, 10 hours of IV administered blood infusions. For about 20 years now. Only I have the privilege to administer my blood at home now. And its these blogs that are vitally important, every post, every idea, creativity and poise, at long last gasp. It’s very brave. Thank you Pam, for your courage in sharing. Mark.

  2. denny schultz permalink

    hi pam, i’m from benson, mn. and have got IPF since spring of 2012. am meeting with transplant people in mayo, rodchester on june 21. i was very touched by your blog and gave me a feeling of what i will have to go thru., i to am active and like the outdoors. i’m 67 now and hope that won’t make a difference of me not getting a transplant. i don’t know if both my lungs are bad oe if it is just one. will find out. did you have a cough with yours?? i do and i blame it on reflux i have but will find out more on june 21. all for now and take care…

  3. Jennifer permalink

    As I sat in my bed at home this morning still trying to deal with all these high doses of meds you were on my mind. I had heard you speak about a blog you did. I am so very glad to have come across it and SO glad to see that you are home. You have such a tender/caring spirit. I really enjoyed our time spent together in the hospital. I wish you all the health and wellness you deserve. Please take care. I look forward to reading more blogs as they come! I also hope you have found a trick to manage getting those horse pills down ;). Take care


  4. David Zierott permalink

    Hello Pam,
    I ran into Rob Mitchell last night and he told me of your illness. We worked together on a Screen Writers Workshop production many years ago. As a producer, you were calm and strong with clear blue eyes. I wish you the best Pam.
    David Zierott

  5. Kathy Pirsch permalink

    Hi Pam, Sue sent me your blog site. I am praying for you and a transplant soon.It is so hard to be so helpless in granting you your wish…..maybe Santa will. Sue and I, or each of us separately really want to come and help. Keep us on your list. You have a great family and friends. Hopefully all the prayers will be answered soon. love you…Kath

  6. Frank Taylor permalink

    Hi Pam,
    Unfortunately we have not yet met, but Scott and I have become good friends over the past couple of years. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you as I have heard so much about you (all good!).

    I appreciate so much being able to follow your blog (and have just read it all). As Scott knows, I am not a praying person, but my thoughts are constantly with both of you as you await your transplant.

    You are strong.

    I also want to say that in reading your blog, I clicked on the Be a Donor link and learned, to my surprise – having filled out a card years ago – that I was not a registered donor. I thought I still was. As of about ten minutes ago, I now am again – for the works! Thanks for this.

    I was touched reading about your very supportive circle of friends and relatives (Scott included, of course) and also smiled when reading about your Dad’s cooking skills. Mine never was, despite good intentions when my mother was ill. He once made Campbell’s chicken noodle soup for her and brought it up to her in bed. On tasting it she asked, did you add enough water? His response was “water???”.
    Anyways, just to let you know that an unknown (as yet) friend is thinking about you and wishing you continued strength as you go through your journey.

    Frank Taylor

  7. David Wyffels permalink


    Just finished going through your entire blog. I’m not sure which of three different things inspired me most….

    1. Your ability to write and express honest feelings.
    2. Your attitude and approach towards fighting this battle.
    3. The way you can just be “YOU”.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and know that you are being kept in our prayers. Also, thank you for letting us get to know you better. You are amazingly strong.

    Dave W.

  8. Andrew Bonar permalink

    Pam, so great to hear from you the other day. Keep strong and hang in there for your big day! My thoughts are with you.

  9. Laura Baehr permalink

    Pam this blog is great – though I’m very sorry to hear that the summer left you breathless. 1.5 hours on the treadmill every other day?? You’ll be running circles around us when you get back! We’re thinking about you every day and sending positive thoughts your way. Keep us posted on your progress.
    all the best,

  10. Derek Reeves permalink

    Hey Pam, great blog and a great idea to set it up. It’s just another example of your incredible strength in these difficult times that you are sharing your journey in this way, inspirational stuff. Great to see you the other day. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Kia kaha and aroha nui. Derek

  11. Dan R. permalink

    Pam you are the best fisherman/woman I’ve ever known. Every time you go away fishing you always manage to catch the biggest fish.
    We love you. Fish or no fish.
    Stay Strong!!!

  12. Merrill permalink

    You are a rock Pammy – and as you know, we are on this journey with you and Scott and the boys!
    with all our love, Merrill, Char, Ali & Buzz.
    And bathing, shmathing….over-rated:)

  13. Susie Grondin permalink

    This blog is a wonderful idea… You are in my thoughts 🙂

  14. Sara Sahr permalink

    It’s past the 7th of September Pam…maybe not much longer now.

  15. Courtney Edwards permalink

    Love you auntie Pam! Always praying for you! Stay strong!

  16. Laurie Wilson permalink

    Pam- the Wilson family is sending you love and great Santafean healing energy! We wish you luck- love and big hugs from Laurie

  17. Neil Affleck permalink

    Hi Pam- Lynn R. sent me the Link to your Blog. Good on ya for putting this together! I wanted to send along all my love and encouragement to you and Scott. Eyes on the Prize!

  18. Bob Stroh permalink

    The Illinois Stroh’s are praying for your journey everyday

  19. Emma Petry permalink

    such a good idea..and I miss you too Pam.. Toronto is a bit far now for a coffee . You are such a beautiful person:
    inside and outside.

  20. Thanks for doing this, Pam. Great idea. You’re in our thoughts and prayers!

  21. Margaret Hebert permalink

    Sending our love and hugs. Just read all your previous posts. WOW what a journey! Hoping and praying for success!!


  22. Darren K permalink

    Hang in there Pam!
    I’m sending you my best wishes, in hope that you receive a new set of lungs!
    We all miss you here at Nelvana!

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